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Stairway To The Stars

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Stairway To The Stars

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Stairway To The Stars - The Complete Recordings 1940 - 1949

Crooning downhearted, the Caretaker can't go on this way, and floats slowly downwards through murky vistas of emptiness, each movement sending huge echoes through the cavernous dusty ballroom, until he unwittingly summons forth malign forces of the occult to do his rumbling ambient bidding. These malign forces make a big nasty seaside organ blare, whilst distant rainfall splashes relentlessly on, pushing The Caretaker to the edge of a breakdown, but he wakes up from the nightmare singing gayly of robins and roses.

Thus through cloudiness the Caretaker ascends a stairway to the stars for a date with an angel.

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He hasn't noticed that the crowds are long gone and the ballroom is empty except for two men in pig masks sneakily setting up laptops at the back. In space, no one can smell your tripe. Review of the Day The Streets, "Original Pirate Material" Vice Records Let me just say this one thing to our entire British audience before I get started with this review: Just because you guys import our urban music by the barrel doesn't mean we Americans should have to put up with any quantity of yours.

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  • "STAIRWAY TO THE STARS" LYRICS by GLEN MILLER: Let's build a stairway.

For instance: G,C,D Simple chords names work best. There's a [ Dm ] silver trail of [ Fdim ] moonlight. Leading [ Em7 ] upward to the [ A9 ] sky,. And the [ Dm ] night is like a [ Fdim ] velvet lulla [ E ] by.

There's a h [ E9 ] eaven of blue,. And we'll [ Bb7 ] go there, just you a [ A7sus4 ] nd I. And climb that [ Gdim ] stairway to the sta [ Bm ] rs.

Johnny Mathis - Stairway To The Stars