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Fatal [30]. Black Sunday. Fatal; iron preferred. Kruvajan is staked through the eye rather than the heart. Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. Fatal, although elder vampires have a much greater tolerance [31]. Fatal, but they can be revived if the head and body are brought back together before bleeding out.

Fatal, although elder vampires have a much greater tolerance. No [note 1]. Blood from an already-dead creature induces temporary deathlike state. Count Chocula. Gets soggy in milk; mastication; expiration date. Enjoys sunlight, sleeps at night. Fatal, although it must be wood or silver Dracula is immune. Fatal, except for Dracula who is immune. Yes; lethal through the heart, except for Dracula who is immune. Holy water burns them and is likely fatal in a large quantity Dracula is not fatally harmed.

A werewolf's bite is the only thing lethal to Dracula and it is likely fatal to all other vampires; the death of Dracula seemed to kill all other vampires or at least his children. Causes them to sparkle. Paralyzes but is not fatal. Fatal, but they will revive if the stake is removed. Fatal, but they will survive very short exposure. Keeps them at bay. Fatal, but they will survive short exposure.

Mirrors repel them as well; weaknesses can vary based upon the campaign.

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Vampires: Fatal [18]. Fatal [18].

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Their bodies start to consume themselves if they are unable to feed for a couple of hours. Fatal, although when blood touches their ashes they will regenerate. Nocturnal [ clarification needed ]. The Hunger. Fatal although the incarnation featured in the series is immune to sunlight. Fatal, but only if the head and body are not joined back together within ten minutes. Iron weapons can bypass their healing and resurrection powers and if a wound caused by an iron weapon is left untreated, it can begin to fester and rot.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. Fatal, but only in the book, not the film.

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Exposure to sunlight burns and blisters the skin of "newborns", although it isn't fatal; older vampires have higher tolerances, but their eyes will always remain sensitive. Fatal, but only if the silver weapon inflicts a wound that would kill a human only in the film. Fatal through the heart. Holy water is fatal in large quantities.

Invitation makes vampire immune to weaknesses and vampire characteristics. The Little Vampire.

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The Vampire Diaries. A special ring protects them.

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Boosts mental resistance if the user truly believes it works. It's worse for stronger vampires. Heart extraction. Prolonged period without feeding. TV series, Originals including The Originals : Fatal-only if the stake is made of white oak; its ashes only weaken them.

Burns them, but is not fatal. Daylight ring prevents them from burning. If stabbed with a white oak stake, the stake magically burns itself to ash along with their bodies, but natural fire does little to no harm. Only if contaminated with vervain. Magic from a powerful-enough witch, werewolf bite, white oak ash dagger and vervain can all weaken them but they can heal quicker from werewolf bites and vervain as Originals ; white oak in the form of a bullet is fatal; Their sireline can broken by magic, therefore their sires can try to kill them without the threat of dying themselves; Advanced Werewolf venom, if not cured, can be fatal; The Cure turns them back into a human see "Other" for other vampires.

TV series, others: Fatal. Daylight ring protects them. Fatal if enough potency. Heart extraction and werewolf bite if not cured from bite are fatal. When an Original dies, all vampires in their sireline also die although the sireline can be broken, see "Other" for Originals. The Cure turns them back into a mortal, and causes their bodies to age to their true years of existence when The Cure is drained from them, making them unable to become vampires again. Blue Vampyres: Fatal. If they don't pass the Change when they are fledglings, sometimes they die. Red Vampyres: Fatal. Fatal, but only if made of wood older vampires require larger amounts of wood [32]. Fatal Special ring protects them [32]. Fatal [32]. No [33]. Shown as a prop on-screen, but never utilized. Yes [33] [32]. Yes [33]. Some poisons and drugs can affect them.

Discworld [note 2]. Fatal [note 3].

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Yes [note 4]. Yes [note 5]. No mild irritant. No [18]. Only in private residences owned by humans. Hepatitis D and Maenad Blood can weaken them. Let the Right One In. Fatal, if invite remains absent for long enough. Blood with cancer hurts them, but it is still nutritious.

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Moroi: Unknown. Makes them feel uncomfortable, but won't kill them.

Anything that would kill a human. Strigoi: Fatal if silver and charmed with air, fire, earth and water magics. Turns the Strigoi into a Moroi if silver and charmed with spirit. Burns them, but isn't fatal.