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Please note that SHSU does not accept fax or emailed transcripts. On September 20th, Kavanaugh was on life support. And Republicans were running for the hills. And what I wanted to do was send out a message that there was someone inside that Senate Judiciary Committee fighting. It was a bat signal. We will confirm Judge Kavanaugh. So almost immediately, Davis is rushing to his rhetorical defense. It was to say that these allegations are not adding up.

The lawyers are playing games. And we do not have a presumption of guilt in this country. Number two is to turn the accused into the victim. In the case of Kavanaugh, that was to make the argument that Kavanaugh has already been evaluated by the F. He was a judge on the D. He had six, now seven, F.

They talked to people who knew him best. This guy has already passed the test. That is garbage. And we were not going to let that happen to a good man like Justice Kavanaugh.


Rather than trying to flesh out and understand better the accusations themselves. The third tenet deals with casting doubt upon the facts and also tarnishing or perhaps politicizing the accuser. But —.

And when people make little fibs on things that are smaller, will they also fib about bigger things? Her C. Did she surf there? Raising doubts about all those sorts of things as well as pointing to a lack of evidence or evidence that might suggest that the story is inaccurate. She has no memory of key details of the night in question. It was the gamesmanship. It was Dianne Feinstein sitting on this letter for six weeks. It was this partisan hack lawyer who is representing Christine Blasey Ford, using her —.

I think this whole process was disgusting.

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And it was transparently political to me. What that does is it removes us from the facts on the ground in terms of whether these allegations have any legitimacy and should be explored in any real way. And it takes it to the level of this is all just politics. So remember that Davis for a brief period was a clerk for the newly installed Justice Gorsuch.

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And during that clerkship, the clerks would get together for lunch with individual justices. Davis had a lunch with Justice Clarence Thomas. And during that lunch, Thomas told this story about growing up on a farm in Georgia. Really resonated. Davis sees this as an analogy to what needs to be done to the liberals to punish them for their tactics. So in this case, the chicken is essentially the smears and lies that Davis believes that liberals have told about their political opponents — whether it was Judge Kavanaugh, whether it is President Trump, or any others who are part of the conservative objectives that Davis espouses.

And they need to be punished and given a taste of their own medicine and have those smears pushed back in their face in order for them to lose the taste for that kind of political war-making. So because the Kavanaugh strategy worked so effectively, we wanted to ask Mike Davis the question — how is that playbook working for the Trump administration now as the conservatives are facing a very real threat to President Trump in the form of impeachment?

So you start with forceful denials and assertions that there was no wrongdoing on the part of the president.

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Impeachment should be a last resort. It is for high crimes and misdemeanors. And nothing that has been alleged against President Trump even comes close to those. You then go to a discrediting of political opponents, of whistleblowers, or even the people that leaked to the original whistleblower. Were they politically motivated? Did they do the right thing? With their outrageous lies and smears and impeachment mobs and MeToo mobs.

We need to fight back as conservatives, as Republicans. Because the left has a glass jaw, and if you fight back, it will break their glass jaw. This is a President of the United States.

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He was elected by the American people, whether the left likes it or not. The Democrats are going to hurt the one Democrat who has a shot at beating Trump by bringing in this whole Ukraine corruption mess. Because Joe Biden has his own problems with this Ukraine corruption mess. So be careful, Democrats, what you — this impeachment can of worms.

So if the dead chicken strategy succeeds in the case of impeachment the way it sounds like he thinks it succeeded in the case of Kavanaugh, then Democrats will stop pursuing impeachment, because they will see the flaws in their arguments about why he should be impeached? And that they need to just be governed by this president and focus on legislation and other issues but drop the political animus and the tools he believes they are using to achieve political ends, which in his mind are smears and lies, among other things.

I wonder, though, if Mike Davis is right that the same strategy that Republicans used successfully to confirm Brett Kavanaugh can work to fend off impeachment for President Trump, because the situations are quite different. One was a debate over what happened decades ago when people were in high school and memories were hazier and witnesses not available to corroborate something. Here, in the case of the Ukraine phone call, there is a transcript.

There are people who listen in on the call. And there are whistleblowers to something that happened just about a month ago. So are these fundamentally different? I think actually the template can still be applied to a very different set of circumstances, because the ultimate goal is to win.

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And so what you do is you remove this from the facts and you take it out of the substance. And keep focused on the fact that we have to defend this guy against a broad-based effort to take him down. Mike Davis, President Trump, and others have a vision for how the courts should look, how the country should look, and they are trying their level best to get to that through whatever means necessary.

And so efforts to stop it may take many forms, but they are, in this telling and through this playbook, all a part of the same effort to just stymie this. The interesting hitch in this kind of well-developed strategy is that if the person in question looks to be on the ropes, if it looks as if this battle is not going to be won, there is a kind of an exit strategy — an escape hatch, if you will.

And in the case of President Trump, that might mean that if it feels as if there is not enough political will to survive this battle, there is a scenario in which you could imagine a guy like Mike Davis walking away. And the big picture is they want to transform this country. And if there are casualties along the way, including the president, so be it. You can probably hear more of them now. On Wednesday, Turkey began a military assault on northeast Syria, launching airstrikes and firing artillery against American-backed Kurdish forces there.

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That way of communicating this info is very coupled and also very reliant on the specific framework we are using.

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A better way is to communicate with messages. Communicating with messages means we have a sender and one or more listeners. There are many ways to do this. Here is a non exhaustive list:.

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