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Hirsedieb - Ludwig Bechstein - Märchen zum Hören

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Bechstein Marchen - Hc. Easton Press.

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Any other use, or any commercial use of this document without permission is prohibited by law. Major sources for the 'Ring' appear to have included: Das Nibelungenlied , an early 13th century epic poem in Middle High German. There are several editions available in English.

Märchen. Ludwig Bechstein Märchenbuch / Neues deutsches Märchenbuch. by Ludwig Bechstein

Wagner studied various German editions by Pfizer, Simrock and Vollmer respectively. Several poems from the Elder Edda , or 'Poetic Edda'. The definitive reference for this collection of Old Icelandic poems is the critical edition by Ursula Dronke, with parallel text in ON and English. Other cheaper editions are available; but please note that the W. Auden text is a paraphrase, rather than a literal translation.

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Wagner studied various German editions of the poems see Appendix C of Elizabeth Magee's book for details of which poems and editions he read and when. Wagner also referred to Snorri's 'Heimskringla'. Grimm's 'Heroic Sagas' Heldensage. As well as the Nibelungenlied and the Sigurd Fafnirsbane poems of the Edda, various later versions of the story of Siegfried , including 'The Song of Horny Siegfried' it's a reference to his thick skin!